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by Ahloris, 12 days ago

Hello everyone!  As we approach the launch of Tomb, I would like to make a few quick announcements that may be relevant to all of you.  First of all, if you haven't already, please look up the best raid builds, gears, stats, etc. for your respective builds.  Be prepared to be the best you can be as we enter Tomb.  This shouldn't need to be said, but make sure all addons are updated and good to go as well.  

New Members:

First of all, welcome to the guild.  I hope you enjoy your time with us.  If you do not already have "EPGP Lootmaster," please be sure to get that, as that is how I distribute loot.  If you have any questions regarding how EPGP works, please check out my EPGP Lootmaster Rules post.  It's old, but still relevant.  Other addons required for raiding are: Weak Auras, Exorsus raid tools, and DBM or Bigwigs.  We use Discord for voice chats.  

EPGP soft reset:

Every new tier, we do a soft reset on EPGP.  It's a complete GP wipe.  EP is not fully reset (unless you've quit raiding), but very much compressed.  We do this for a couple of reasons.  If we did a full reset of EP, it would feel like all the effort that long standing and reliable members have put into the raid has gone to waste.  If we didn't do a reset of some sort, however, the guild wouldn't be as able to appeal to new recruits.  So what I do is write down how much EP everyone who is currently actively raiding has and I make brackets for them.  The highest bracket this time will earn 10k EP to start Tomb with.  The lowest earned will be 2.5k, which is the minimum needed to be considered for gear.  I will make a full list of who had what and who got what once I have done that.  Expect a full list on Monday.

Tier Distribution:

Wait!!!  If you've been here awhile, you've seen this before.  It's literally a copy/paste of my last tier distribution announcement.  Go to the yellow font to see the notes I have added for Tomb. Tier is by far and wide the most sought after pieces of gear.  We do our best to balance EPGP and what's going to most benefit the guild in raids when distributing these pieces.  PR as a rule is what we look at when distributing loot, however with tier we also look at whether or not it makes a bonus for someone because that is most beneficial to the raid.  For example, Asur and I both put in for the same piece of tier.  Neither of us has a piece of the set yet. Whoever has highest PR will get it.  Now another piece drops and my PR is higher, but it makes a set for him.  He will therefore get the piece.  A third piece of tier we both want drops and now it doesn't make a bonus for either of us.  My PR is higher, I will get the piece.  When it completes a set bonus for 2 or more people, we default to PR between just those members when deciding who it will go to.  Hope that clears up any questions you guys may have. :)

When considering tier upgrades from normal to heroic or heroic to mythic, some people click "Big Upgrade" while others pick "Minor Upgrade" and there was a lot of mislooting and confusion regarding that this past tier.  I would like to clear that up.  So going forward, for tier only: 

"Big upgrade" - you don't have any tier in that slot at all, but you would like to and it won't be replaced.

"Minor upgrade" - I have tier in that slot, but it's the previous difficulty of gear and I'd like to upgrade it. *** If it is SUPER Vital that you get this piece in this slot, put a note for me to read.  I do take those into consideration and will often send tells to the people ahead of you in PR to see if they don't mind giving it to someone who may benefit more.

"Offspec" - I have this piece already but would like to try for WF, TF, or socketed.

"Greed/Mog" - I like the way it looks! That is all.  

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by Terrifìc, 16 days ago

Congrats on 7/10M! Hopefully everyone rests up this week because we have a lockout at 2/3M ToV to finish off. Thanks to those who stayed the extra 15 mins to finish off Guarm. Leaves us with all our time to look up videos and be prepared for Mythic Helya come Saturday. If you want in, you'll need to show up early and have knowledge of the fight. It'll be quicker than the original kill videos you might find, but still chock-full of mechanics that you all seem to love to wipe to. Another big thing is that there will be a lot of changes since 7.2.5 hits on Tuesday. Make sure you know your class changes prior to showing up on the weekend.

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