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by Ahloris, 32 days ago

Hey guys, great job this weekend on full clearing normal.  I did expect to get through it all, but not that fast.  So really good job there guys, I think this group can go really far if we continue to have full ranks and attract solid new recruits.  I have a few things to go over, but I will try to make it brief.  


Darcia - ranged officer.  She has been with us since late HCC and has always been an asset to our core.  She had a rough start with Bonus Stage in her initial trial with us because Terrific is mean, but I'm so glad she gave us a 2nd shot.  Thank you Darcia for accepting a more active role in the guild.  

Herewarce - Melee Officer/backup raid lead.  He has been with us since late HCC, initially as our terrible offtank.  He's the guy we hate to love, whose app I originally declined, and who has recently been starting to really impress Hyp, Asur, and myself.  I'm so glad this guy has put trolling on the back burner during raids, and accepted a very difficult role in assisting Asur lead the raid.

Bonnemine - Healing Officer.  Bonne's been with us since late HCC as Shogani, but took a seasonal break some time ago.  While he was a fine WW monk, he really shines as a Holy Pally and with this guild's terrible Hpally luck, I think we're all thankful for that decision.  Thank you Shog for taking up the much tossed-around healing officer torch.  


As some of you may have noticed, PR ranks are a little bit different this weekend from last weekend.  That is because every new tier, we do a soft reset on EPGP.  It's a complete GP wipe.  EP is not fully reset (unless you've quit raiding), but very much compressed down.  We do this for a couple of reasons.  If we did a full reset of EP, it would feel like all the effort that long standing and reliable members have put into the raid had gone to waste.  If we didn't do a reset of some sort, however, the guild wouldn't be as able to appeal to new recruits.  So what I do is write down how much EP everyone who is currently actively raiding has and I make brackets for them.  The highest bracket this time earned 5k EP to start this tier with.  The lowest earned 2.5k, which is the minimum needed to be considered for gear.  Here is a rundown of what everyone had and what everyone got: 

Navett, Ahloris, Bonnemine, Hyp, Nyan, Herewarce, Barouu and Asur all earned 40k+ EP from EN and each got 5k. 

Chasity, and Darcia each earned 35-40K EP from EN and each got 4.5k.

Vae, Chab, and Daanin each earned 30k-35k EP from EN  and each got 4k. 

Ripu, Menicus, Surfin, and Tyraz each earned 15k-20k EP from EN(nobody had 20-30k, so there are no EP brackets there) and each got 3.5k. 

Kerny, Kata, and Aegok each earned 10-15k EP from EN and got 3k EP.

Justicator, and Dave each earned 5k-10k EP from EN and each got 2.5k.


Tier is by far and wide the most sought after pieces of gear.  We do our best to balance EPGP and what's going to most benefit the guild in raids when distributing these pieces.  PR as a rule is what we look at when distributing loot, however with tier we also look at whether or not it makes a bonus for someone because that is most beneficial to the raid.  For example, Asur and I both put in for the same piece of tier.  Neither of us has a piece of the set yet. Whoever has highest PR will get it.  Now another piece drops and my PR is higher, but it makes a set for him.  He will therefore get the piece.  A third piece of tier we both want drops and now it doesn't make a bonus for either of us.  My PR is higher, I will get the piece.  When it completes a set bonus for 2 or more people, we default to PR between just those members when deciding who it will go to.  Hope that clears up any questions you guys may have. :)

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